Robots in Battle won the award for Best Art Direction at the Gotland Game Conference!

We were also nominated for best presentation but it (deservedly) went to the fantastic Rug Racers: Ultimate!

Robots in Battle is a roguelike deckbuilder where you play as a hotshot mecha pilot looking to take on all comers as they climb to the top of the mecha fighting league and claim the RnB belt! Customise your deck, upgrade your mecha, enjoy some jazzy tunes and face off with the current champion! And if you prevail and claim their belt, you will become the boss.

Note: WebGL unfortunately does not showcase all of our effects, so it is best experienced with the downloadable version!

The Boss to Beat: Bash Gordon


Lynn Angerer - Art Director, Animator

Mette Christiansen - 2D Artist

Oliver Fahlström - Programmer

Adrian Hagerman - 3D Artist

Thérèse Lundqvist - Scrum Master, Animator

Nguyen Robertson - Product Owner, Lead Designer

Ace Young - Lead Programmer, Systems Designer

Music by Ville Wickman & Hunter Young


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RnB 105 MB


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Good job guys, such a fantastic game.